Learn More: Stop Censorship of Mission District Youth Mural!

Learn More: Stop Censorship of Mission District Youth Mural!

A powerful mural by Mission District youth regarding struggles for self-determination is nearly completed. The mural, located at 24th and Capp Street in San Francisco depicts self-determination for all and breaking down barriers as major themes. With many residents of the Mission fighting displacement locally and barriers separating them from their homelands, the work is a powerful statement of unity with those facing similar challenges around the world. You can view photos of the mural here http://www.araborganizing.org/mural

The mural was created by young artists from HOMEY, a grassroots organization that serves low-income Latino youth ages of 13 to 24 in the San Francisco Mission District.

The Jewish Community Relations Council is demanding that the San Francisco Arts Commission suppress the Palestinian images that are part of this mural proclaiming self-determination for all. Seeking censorship of these young artists, the JCRC has issued a formal letter to the San Francisco Arts Commission objecting to the mural, demanding that it be changed, and urging that the entire project come to a halt pending creation of a new “protocol” for murals.

Supporters of the mural are urging people to TAKE ACTION to support the HOMEY artists by writing letters to the SF Arts Commission. People are also encouraged to stop by and see the mural at 24th and Capp Street in San Francisco.

For more information, contact Arab Resource and Organizing Center atarabamericanlegal@gmail.com.

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