Learn More: Tell Lunardi’s: No Cruelty to Animals!

Learn More: Tell Lunardi’s: No Cruelty to Animals!

Lunardi’s Supermarket, a high-end grocery chain in the San Francisco Bay Area, offers an array of free-range and cage-free egg products. However, Lunardi’s still sells eggs from chickens confined in battery cages.

Recently, East Bay Animal Advocates documented shocking conditions at Lunardi’s egg supplier. The undercover footage shows intensive confinement of chickens in tiny battery cages, a particularly abusive industry practice.

EBAA launched a campaign recently to urge another local grocery chain, Andronico’s Market, to stop selling eggs from chickens confined to battery cages. The action was featured on Local Impact’s website. The campaign was successful: Andronico’s Market recently stopped selling battery cage eggs.

EBAA is urging people to contact Lunardi’s to urge the company to stop selling these eggs. The goal is to end this abusive industry practice.

For more information, see the web site of East Bay Animal Advocateshttp://www.eastbayanimaladvocates.org/ and their page on Lunardi’s athttp://www.LunardisAbuse.com. Also see the “No Battery Eggs” campaign of the Humane Society of the U.S.: http://www.hsus.org/farm/camp/nbe/

Please TAKE ACTION today to demand that Lunardi’s adopt a cage-free egg policy!

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