Learn More: Demand Funding For Public Housing in SF!

Learn More: Demand Funding For Public Housing in SF!


The San Francisco Housing Authority, which operates 6,000 units of public housing, is facing a $7 million dollar shortfall this year due to Republican-led cuts to the HUD budget. Having succeeded in cutting public housing by $1.5 billion since 2001, Congress has now created a $600 million shortfall in operating funds for already cash-strapped public housing agencies. As a result, agencies will be funded at a pro-rated amount of 85.5% of their identified need. The President’s proposed budget for 2007 guarantees further cuts.

San Francisco will be one of the hardest hit housing authorities. This is because at the same time that congress passed these cuts nationally, HUD used a nonsensical funding formula that unfairly cut even more funds to some agencies, including San Francisco.

The impact on San Francisco’s public housing residents will be devastating. The housing authority will operate with only $342 per unit, down from $454. (Since President Bush took office, per unit funding declined from $585 in 1999 to $342 for 2007.) The latest round of cuts will deprive San Francisco’s poorest residents of vital tenant services including adequate security and maintenance. The cuts will also undermine the Housing Authority’s ability to rehabilitate empty units for occupancy or to develop new housing units, while 30,000 families have been languishing on the waiting list for years.

Please TAKE ACTION today to tell your congressional representatives to take a stand against the Bush administration’s unconscionable attempts to dismantle low-income housing programs. Urge your representatives to demand passage of a $600 million budget supplemental for public housing now!

For more information, contact Sara Shortt, sara_shortt@hotmail.com, of the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco, or visit the website of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, www.nlihc.org

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