Support Equal Labor Protections For Household Workers!

Support Equal Labor Protections For Household Workers!

In California today, there are hundreds of thousands of household workers. They perform various duties in the home as caretakers, nannies, housekeepers, cooks, etc. Predominantly immigrants and women of color, many household workers endure abuses on the job including non-payment of wages and excessive hours without overtime pay.

The California Labor Code does not have sufficient labor protections for household workers. They do not have many of the rights other California workers enjoy. For example, personal attendents–those who care for our loved ones–do not have the right to receive overtime pay. This industry, with high levels of exploitation, needs stiff penalties against employers who fail to pay wages.

Assemblymember Cindy Montanez (D-San Fernando) has introduced AB 2536, a bill that would provide improved labor protection for household workers. AB 2536 would provide personal attendents equal overtime protection and all household workers rights to recover unpaid wages. The bill is before the full assembly, having cleared committee by a vote of 11-6 on May 17, 2006.

You can view the text of AB 2536, by clicking here and entering the bill number.

Please TAKE ACTION to urge your assembly member to support this important legislation!

This bill was created by the California Coalition for Household Worker Rights: CHIRLA (Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles), Mujeres Unidas y Activas, Pilipino Worker’s Center, and the Women’s Collective of La Raza Centro Legal.

For more information, contact at Mujeres Unidas.



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