Learn More: Demand a Sweat-Free UC!

Learn More: Demand a Sweat-Free UC!

In March, 2006, students from UCSD, UCR, UCSB, UCSC, UCB and UCD protested at the UC Office of the President in Oakland, demanding an end to the use of sweatshops to produce UC apparel and uniforms. Students occupied the president’s hallways for one hour, and were promised a meeting with President Dynes as a result of the protest. President Dynes had previously refused to meet with students for months.

Students are demanding that the University of California adopt the Designated Suppliers Program (DSP) to ensure that UC apparel and uniforms are supplied by companies that comply with basic minimum labor standards. Nine universities around the country have adopted the DSP, but UC has thus far refused student demands to adopt the DSP and end their use of sweatshop apparel. For more information about the national campaign for sweat-free campuses, see the website of Students Against Sweatshops.

Please join UC students and workers in demanding that President Dynes endorse adoption of the DSP to ensure that UC apparel and uniforms come from sources that respect worker’s rights.


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