Current Actions

Current Actions
Get Trash out of Bay

North Bay
No Lanfdill Expansion

No Wetlands Landfill Expansion!
Marin County is moving toward a massive expansion of the Redwood Landfill. Take action now to stop Waste Management from building a 16-story mountain of trash in San Francisco Bay!

Get the Trash out of the Bay!
The SF Bay Water Board regulates how much pollution cities and counties are allowed to discharge into the Bay. Please Take Action to urge the Water Board to support significant reductions in trash in our creeks and the Bay!



Featured Action
Cargill: Don’t Fill San Francisco Bay!
Agribusiness giant Cargill Inc. is threatening to build a massive development on more than 1,400 acres of Bayfront salt ponds in Redwood City. Take action now to help save these precious former wetlands!


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